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Old Tournaments Below:

New 100 Balls Format Pilot Tournament
Open for Enrollment Mar 15 to 17, 2019

We are unleashing a brand new game format in DFW during spring break. It's called #TheHundred. Check the link below for more details:



Hope everyone had a great Christmas!! Now as outdoor T20 bylaws are out of our way and released for community feedback, time to focus on other topics.

On Dec 14th (on WhatsApp and FB), we shared details about upcoming INDOOR CRICKET TOURNAMENT (#T20HIGHOCCT2019). Hope your team got a chance (12+ days) to assess its participation. Now the enrollment is open for exactly the same outlined conditions:

For registrations, click here for payment using PayPal.

1. Registration cut-off date Dec 30th, 2019.
2. Ideal number of teams SIX (6).
3. 5 round robin games guaranteed.
4. Bonus Final game for top TWO (2) teams.
5. One game per team per weekend.
6. Each game 20 overs (#T20HIGHOCCT format)
7. Man of the Match award for each game.
8. Branded champions trophy.
9. These games are relatively expensive mainly due to facilities (45-48 hours total, 16 games) and prevalent market rates for any indoor sports, adventure and group activities vs. games conducted in public or atheletics fields provided by cities.
10. Cost per team $825. It breaks down to $75 for 5 guaranteed games per player per team. Final game is a bonus for performing teams!! That is 13-15 hours total game time.
11. Cost is NOT in our control but we take pride in offering a great experience to everyone. You do the math i.e. 48 hours facility time, balls and trophies are hard expenses! With six teams, we intend to raise $4950 to mange this tournament through better negotiated rates for collective play and volunteering efforts from our community.
12. Games conducted using our platform and apps (Texas Cricket League)
13. Slightly updated rulebook (version 1.01) from #PILOT2 will be released soon (by Jan 4th).
14. Tournament starts on Jan 12th and finishes on Feb 17th. We reserve the rights to reschedule any interrupted or incomplete game. Additional reserve date for Finals to avoid any conflicts!
15. This tournament is also a stop gap solution before OUTDOOR SPRING TOURNAMENT 2019 begins on Feb 16th weekend. It also serves the teams that don’t want to play in cold, windy, foggy or wet weather conditions including goals to avoid injuries in winter.
16. Each game will be conducted in 185x85feet (refer our Pilot2@Frisco videos) or bigger facility.
17. Yellow leather balls (soft inner core, injected moulded, 2 piece leather, stitched n seams that spins and swings, weight ~120grams) will be provided. New or used as per our inventory. Regarding balls, check videos on our FB Group @DFWCricket.
18. LED Wickets and LED Bails provided. Check videos on FB Group @DFWCricket.
19. Umpiring duties through community volunteering model.
20. On-Duty Commissioner by OCCT-Leadership team.
21. Same CHAOS, same HURRAH & CELEBRATIONS just like PILOT2 but bigger n better. Photo booth, Videos, Rapid Interviews, opportunity to do Commentary etc.

Join our Facebook Group (DFWCricket) to gain insights, media and the new experience. Also do join our WhatsApp Group for your questions and IMs.

Please understand that organizing these tournament requires lots of efforts, volunteers, resources and coordination. We are conducting this tournament for pure passion (ZERO PROFIT). We will only commit when teams are ready for this new model. It's a strategic opportunity to develop alternative and sustainable models for cricket in DFW. Otherwise, we move to other items and priorities on our roadmap.
#MoveFast #FailFast

Foundation Team
Wednesday, Dec 26, 2018

Frisco Spring Tournament 2019 Open

The city of Frisco announced a historic and inaugural spring tournament 2019. Here are the details:
1) Clean Cricket offered by the CITY
2) Minimum 8 matches per team (round robins)
3) T20 format and 4 hours slot
4) Plus Play Offs/Knock Outs round
5) Plus Final or Superfinal
6) The number of slots or schedule is not final yet as the city will generate after registrations and parks allotment.
7) All games will happen Sat and Sun including some #UNDERLIGHTS (5pm to 9pm).
8) The city will make reasonable efforts to reschedule washed out games! Assurance is 2 games minimum.
9) You can book practice slots directly by visiting Frisco Athletic Center.
10) The city will handle registration (including payments) directly without ANY middlemen or 3rd party. Your team is a direct 2nd party here.
11) You can also book practice slots directly by visiting Frisco Athletic Center including underlight schedules ($30 per 90 minutes).
12) The city is running the program as a pilot during spring season 2019 before expanding this further in Summer after assessment.
13) The city will listen to everyone including playing teams and captains’ advice directly
14) Registration is open till Feb 16th, 2019 till 5:00PM. We expect the slots to fill quickly within ONE Week.
15) All games will be played in Frisco fields (NE1, NE2 and probabbly Independence).
16) Players must be 18 years or old.
17) The tournament will end on May 12th, 2018.
18) We expect 12 teams to join this pilot. As per meeting between Captains today, we already have 10 confirmed teams.
19) The city will maintain a direct hotline or you can call Frisco Athletics Center (FAC) for weather updates and game cancellations, if any.
20) The city will depend on our community and our leadership to develop and mature this program further as part of its sports portfolio.
21) There are few other details that needs further collabortation. We will work closely with the city together to advice and finalize the model as we move forward.
22) This is a great opportunity for all passionate cricketers. The city has intent to support our needs transparently without any favoritism. It will be fair to each team and listen everybody.

Click here for Frisco Spring Tournament Registration ($400).

Frisco cricket facilities are top class in DFW. Newest, equipped with underlights and have heated restrooms, plenty of parking nearby and pitch is topped with artificial turf (not traditional mat). Please evaluate carefully the benefits of playing quality and clean cricket offered by Frisco Parks & Recreation. Spring 2019 is inaugural season, and it’s also aligned with league for other sports in Frisco. Cricket in spring will start from mid of Feb when weather gets better and warmer. You don’t have to deal with washed out games due to cold, fog or rain related issues in January and early February. As a community, let’s come together to develop this as a viable, sustainable and alternative channel for cricket. Let’s make this season successful. Here are beautiful pics of the ground.

Foundation Team
Tuesday, Dec 11, 2018