Article - Unleashed in DFW a New 100 Balls Format
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Unleashed in DFW a New 100 Balls Format

Rajan Dwivedi (rajankd)

Unleashed in DFW a New 100 Balls Format

Our core philosophy hinges on innovation, new experiences, modernization, new concepts and new ideas, new gears and lifestyle technologies as catalysts to spark the positive changes in DFW Cricket. In winter, we pioneered #T20HIGHOCCT indoor format with digital DRS, engaged 12 teams and 200+ cricketers. We also worked closely with the city of Frisco and our community to launch a brand new outdoor league with 12 confirmed teams and another 8-10 teams in waitlisted mode due to inaugural tournament limits. All 52 games will be played in under lights - a first in its kind in entire DFW spanning 4 months as a league season. The reach of the Frisco Cricket program is 450 to 550 cricketers. Now we aspire to unleash 100 balls tournament format as a brand new pilot! We remain totally committed to the transformation of cricket in DFW. Join us to feel our passion and energy. Check the link below for more details on 100 Balls Format:

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