Article - Frisco #T20 Umpiring Best Practices
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Frisco #T20 Umpiring Best Practices

Rajan Dwivedi (rajankd)

Frisco #T20 Umpiring Best Practices

"To be a good umpire you have to be a good person"  - Simon Taufel

Good umpires have the same positive characteristics as other successful leaders. Besides an expert skill level and a keen understanding of cricket, such leaders typically possess effective interpersonal skills, such as the ability to successfully communicate with, motivate and appreciate others. They must also be accountable, patient and maintain the same amount of integrity they expect from team members and captains.

Umpires are typically respected by all players in the field not only for their sports knowledge and abilities but also for other qualities, such as responsibility, ethics and attitude. Umpires shall lead by example and demonstrate the same qualities they expect from both team and players. Successful umpires possess characteristics they want to see in others, such as confidence, discipline and self-control to conduct the game as per laws, rulebook and fairly in the spirit of cricket. The success of the tournament is very much dependent on the quality and level of umpiring significantly.

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