The Future of Softcore Leather Ball
12/05/2019 Posted by Rajan Dwivedi

The Yellow Ball became the center of cricket revolution in DFW. It started within indoors and travelled outdoors rapidly including underlights tournaments and FCL. We have consumed more than 1000 bal[...]

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OCCT Annual Report 2019
10/14/2019 Posted by Rajan Dwivedi

We launched on Nov 10, 2018 and are very excited to share our annual report early. We had a fantastic year with great outcomes.

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Spring Break 100 Balls Tournament
02/28/2019 Posted by Rajan Dwivedi

We are unleashing a new format in DFW called 100 Balls Tournament. Check the link for more details:  

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Frisco League Kicks Off
02/04/2019 Posted by Rajan Dwivedi

Here is the video of captains meeting in Frisco. #HistoricMomentThe Parks & Recreation department has offered 8 assured games to each team i.e. auto reschedule if games are washed out due to weat[...]

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01/02/2019 Posted by Vikramjeet Singh

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Texas Cricket USA
12/06/2018 Posted by Vikramjeet Singh

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